Dental laboratory with orthodontic direction "Orthodevice", offers an expanded range of services in orthodontics:
Double-jawed devices
Frenkel Apparatus
Klammt Activator
Clark (Twinblock)
Multi-loop arc

Apparatus Derichsweiler with screw Hyrax
Haas device with Marco Ross fixation
Indirect fixing of braces

Various types of mouthguards (retention, bleaching, bruxism, sports)

Our laboratory is a young, dynamically developing laboratory specializing in orthodontics.

Only high-quality materials are used for the manufacture of orthodontic devices.

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of manufacturing orthodontic structures.

"Orthodevice" is widely known in the Republic of Tatarstan and is becoming more popular in other regions.

A partner that is easy to work with
OrthoDevice's recipe for success:
Build your own unique team;
Set up long-term relationships;
Respect yourself and your partners;
Evaluate not by design, but by results.
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